Smokin Wedgie Product Review

When I find a product that I really love, I think it’s important to get the word out there!  My Smokin Wedgie review has been put together with not only my feedback, but the feedback of others who have used it as well.

The Smokin Wedgie is owned by Seth Fischer at  It was created to meet the huge demand to add more smoke to existing smokers, get a longer unmanaged smoke in some smokers, and an overall better smoking tool for your grill compared to wood chips.  This ingenious creation can be used in not only electric smokers, but also pellet, charcoal, and propane grills – any type of smoker or grill!  It was great to find another user, Matt Guay, who not only has an electric smoker, but also wood chip and pellet smokers.  Matt was able to test this product out on many different types of smoking/grilling units.  Check out his Smokin Wedgie review below:

I have been smoking food for many years using charcoal and then bough a Masterbuilt 30″ Analog electric smoker. I dutifully loaded the wood chip tube every hour for every smoke.
I also own an Ugly Drum Smoker I had built, which is primarily for when I cold smoke cheese, using a tin can of wood chips for smoke, also having to add chips every hour to keep the smoke going. I was on the Smoking with My MES (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker) Facebook page, and kept seeing posts about the Smokin Wedgie which uses BBQ Pellets to add smoke for up to 5 hours without having to refill. So finally bought one for myself for my birthday.
After using the Smokin Wedgie for the first time, all I can say is wow! I wish I would have gotten one sooner. It made smoking cheese so much easier and less time consuming. Loading the Smokin Wedgie with my favorite pellets for a 2 to 3 hour smoke to cold smoke cheese was a breeze. The Smokin Wedgie holds a little less than 1 pound of pellets. Lighting it was also very easy, using a propane torch until I got a flame, let burn for a few minutes, then blew it out. So much easier than messing with wood chips.
Using the Smokin Wedgie in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for the first time was a bit more challenging. I have the Analog version, so finding a correct placement for it took some time. Once I found the correct spot to put it, it made using the MES a lot easier also. I do a lot of long smokes such as Boston Butts, pork loins and ribs. So, using the Smokin Wedgie saved me time from having to re-load the chip tray every 45 minutes and opening the MES every hour which lets the heat out. The Smokin Wedgie added a little heat to the MES which made temps a lot easier to maintain as well.
After using the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for almost a year, I decided to try using a pellet grill. So, I got the Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE model. It produces a good amount of smoke but, I still wanted more. So… I added the Smokin Wedgie to a long low and slow smoke. The results were great. I got about 4 hrs of smoke out of the Smokin Wedgie before having to reload it. I also tried Cold smoking cheese with the Smokin Wedgie, placed in the corner of the Camp Chef, and again had a lot of success. It maintained good temps and stayed smoking long enough to get a good smoke on the cheese.
I introduced the Smokin Wedgie to my cousin who uses a charcoal off-set smoker and he usually uses wood chips or chunks to smoke. Using the Smokin Wedgie in the off-set smoker, there are a few options. If you’re using the side chamber for charcoal you can place the Smokin Wedgie on main grilling area too. If using the main grilling area for charcoal, you can use the side chamber to place the Smokin Wedgie. Either way, it was a success. He no longer uses chips or chunks. The charcoal provides the heat, but the Smokin Wedgie has made the smoking time longer and easier to maintain.
All in all, if your tired of wood chips/chunks and want a much more consistent and flavorful smoke (or just want more smoke in your food), I highly recommend using the Smokin Wedgie. It has made smoking easier with less maintenance and overall more enjoyable.
Here are a few “specs” I think are important to include in the Smokin Wedgie review:
  • This Smokin Wedgie Smoke Box turns any gas or charcoal grill into a smoker!  Get the great taste of smoking meats from your very own
  • Bring your meats up to room temp. while smoking
  • Lasts for two hours plus
  • It helps by adding more smoke to existing pellet smokers and add smoke to propane, charcoal and electric grills/smokers
  • Dimensions:  Length 9″ Height 2″ Width 6″
Seth at Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets has been kind enough to offer my readers two coupon code options for those who would like to order the Smokin Wedgie alone, or with a you-pick variety of Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets.  Visit: BBQPelletsOnline and enter coupon code CFSWEDGIE upon order to receive $2.00 off a Smokin Wedgie, or CFSVARIETY to receive $4.00 off a Smokin Wedgie plus pellet sample pack.

I hope you’ve found this Smokin Wedgie review helpful!  If you’ve used the Smokin Wedgie and have something you feel you’d like to add, please feel free to reach out to me via email in the “Contact Us” section to have your Smokin Wedgie review additions included within the blog – SMOKE ON my friends!

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