How to Make Cheese Crisps Delicious and Low-Carb

I learned How to Make Cheese Crisps a few years ago and now they’re a common snack in our house.  They’re inexpensive, low-carb and a great healthy treat you can make with almost any hard cheese you have in the house!  We’ve tried these with just about every hard cheese there is, Cheddar, Muenster, Parmesan, Gouda and even Swiss, but our favorite by far has been shredded Jack cheese.  Next to Parmesan, it’s the least oily that we’ve tried and has great flavor!  You can add additional flavors such as ranch or other powders mixed into or sprinkled on the top of the cheese, or even put a thin slice of jalapeno on top for a spicy kick.  I’m going to show you how to make cheese crisps the basic way, and you can mix it up with your favorite cheese and seasonings, or just eat them as-is like we do!

FAQs and Tips on how to make cheese crisps:

  • You don’t have to use shredded cheese, you can use hard cheese slices and cut them with a pizza cutter in small squares to bake on the parchment paper.
  • Parchment paper is not required, but makes for easier clean-up.  These can be made directly on your baking/cookie sheet.
  • You do not need to spray the pan with cooking spray – the cheese will release oils as it cooks and they will come right off the parchment and/or pan.
  • American slices don’t work!  they don’t melt the same – they puff up and taste terrible!
  • This will not work with soft cheeses, such as Cream cheese, American cheese, Velveeta, Brie, etc.
  • You can make these any size you’d like.  You can even make them into a bowl to eat out of!  As soon as they come out of the oven – put them over the back side of a bowl so they cool in the shape of the bowl.
  • For larger crisps (to make edible crispy cheese bowls, mini-pizza crusts, cheesy taco shells, etc.), don’t pile to high – lay out a nice even flat layer
  • You can add seasoning such as ranch powder, taco seasoning, etc.
  • You can throw on jalapeno rings for a kick!
  • If you’re concerned with appearance, you can carefully push any “stray” cheese strings closer to the pile before baking, or use the square slices which will melt in a more visually appealing shape.
  • You can take them out early for a more chewy version, or leave in a little long until browned for the crispy version.  We prefer the browned crispy version!
  • Baking time can vary depending on hardness of cheese and size of your crisps.  Parmesan takes a few minutes longer than Cheddar for example.

how to make cheese crisps  how to make cheese crisps

You don’t need much to make this tasty snack:

  • Hard Cheese of your choice – we use Shredded Jack Cheese
  • Parchment Paper – optional
  • Cookie/Baking Sheet

Its pretty simple… just lay out small stacks (pinches) of the shredded cheese or, your cut out squares of the sliced cheese.  Again, you can make these in the size of your choice, but please note: less is more – you don’t want these piled too high/thick or the cheese won’t melt all the way through the middle.  Next, bake in the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 10 minutes for the smaller cracker sized crisps.  If you are making larger cheese crisps, it will take a little more time… just keep your eye on them and take them out when they are browned on the edges and/or in center as well (depending on preference).  They will be pliable for the first 60 seconds or so from the oven, so if you’re going to make cheese bowls or taco shells, or something you’re going to shape, you’ll want to do it the second you take them out.  We just make the small cracker sized crisps, so I let them cool for a minute and then move them to a paper towel using tongs to allow any oils to get soaked into the towel.  Once cooled they’re ready to eat!

We make these a couple times a week for after work/school snacks.  Once you know how to make cheese crisps, you’ll be making these quick, easy affordable healthy snacks on a regular basis!

how to make cheese crisps

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