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When we think of a farm or homesteading, most of us think of an old farmhouse or a cabin in the woods with some decent acreage.  That scenario may not be attainable for many… it certainly isn’t for our little family who lives in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona! 

Living in the city is certainly convenient, but we long for a different lifestyle.  One where we grow our own food, process and preserve that food and learn to be a little more self-sufficient.  So why not do it in the City and make our own little farm right here??? 

This will be a journal of our trials and tribulations we encounter while starting our “City Farm” – so many things to learn!  So… we’re going to learn how to grow and preserve our own food, make butter, cheese and yogurt from milk, cure and smoke our meats, and general farming and homesteading DIY projects and share our successes AND failures with you, all while living in the City!

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